Offering Businesses a Covert Glance at their Customer Journey for Over 25 Years

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What Can We Do For You?

With Over 25 Years of Experience, Incognito Insights is intent on providing the best mystery shopper service in the world.

In order to do this we work hard to not only give our clients the most useful observations, but also guidance of how to turn these observations into applicable improvements allowing our clients to maximise their ROI with us.

How Do You Benefit?


Pure Observation Package


For those confident in their managerial abilities who just want to know that their staff are operating as they should be.

Specialist Intervention

(In Addition to the Full Report Package.)

Send one of our internal or outsources experts specialised in lacking areas for a hands-on staff.

Loss/Theft Prevention Package

Whether liquor is going unaccountable as a result of imperfect serves or you're suffering cash loss due to bill voids, we'll uncover the problem and offer a solution.

Incognito Employee

Send an agent through your staff training process or to be deployed internally for insights on staff morality and professionalism.

Meet The Team


27 Years of Covert Security, B&E and Secret Shopper Experience.


6 Years of Commercial Investigation Experience.


7 Years of Restaurant Ownership and Specialist Business Growth Experience.


12 Years of Hospitality Management Experience.